TwinView Edit
View, print, analyse and markup CAD drawings. Enables you to edit existing and create new drawings


TwinView EDIT is a CAD-editor and enables:

    - Editing existing drawings in DXF DWG format.
    - Creation of new drawings
    - Import and editing of drawings in PDF , DWF , DGN , HPGL (plt)*.


TwinView Edit
has the functionality of TwinView PLUS (Compare TwinView products) and in addition:
    Contour optimization  Contour optimization ¹
    PDF to DWG  PDF Import and edition*
    HPGL to DWG  HPGL Import and edition*
    DWF to DWG  DWF Import and edition*
    DGN to DWG  DGN Import and edition*
    DWG  Creation of new DXF / DWG Documents
    DWG  Change of Drawing and element properties
    DWG  Modification of the layer structure
    DWG  Line type import
    DWG  Deletion of single elements and element groups


TwinView Edit enables to add graphical elements such as:

   Circle defined by: Radius ; 3 Points ; 2 Poins
  Arc defined by: 3 Points ; Center point, Start and End angle
Rectangle (Polyline)
   Dimension: Circle ; Linear ; Adjusted
External Reference (Xref)

TwinView Edit has an additional module ¹ für Drawing Cleanup and Contour optimization.
The contour optimization function checks the contours for errors and corrects them automatically.
Open contours wil be closed and too long elements will be cutted.
Before optimizing the drawing cleanup is performed. This removes duplicate elements such as circles, arcs, lines, etc.
Even lines that overlap only partially will be corrected.

¹ - The contour optimization needs a separate license.
* PDF , DWF, DGN, HPGL files will be, during the import processes, converted to DWG.
* Elements can only be inserted in model space
** "TwinView Edit" includes parts of TrueDTP conversion module