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ZWCAD 2019 Architecture


A CAD tool to make your design easier, faster and professional.  



​ZWCAD Architecture 2019

Based on the Latest Version of ZWCAD 2019, stable, efficient and compatible. Help you make great  designs.

Amazing structure originated from simple design 

 - Seamless DWG Compatibility 

 - Draw in 2D, Create in 3D 

 - Parametrical Building Components


Top Reasons to Choose ZWCAD

1.       Reliable & International industrial solution

2.       100% DWG compatibility and ZERO re-learning cost

3.        Compatible APIs and easy to migrate

4.        Flexible workflow between desktop and mobile devices

5.       Non-expiring perpetual license with latest version upgrade

6.       Extra efficiency with micro innovations


What’s New in ZWCAD 2019

What’s New?

Create and Modify Dynamic Block Definition


Create and Modify Dynamic Block Definition


You can create and modify Dynamic Block definition by adding various Parameters and Actions, to build your own Dynamic Blocks that suit different design situations.



PDF and DWFx Underlay


PDF and DWFx Underlay


Both PDF and DWFx files can be attached to your current drawing as underlays, enabling you to continue to work on the existing designs, instead of starting from scratch.



Annotative Object


Annotative Object


Annotations can be set as Annotative Objects, so that their sizes can be adjusted automatically to guarantee their readability in Layout viewports and in plotting.