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Design Expert 2.4 for ZWCAD+ 2014


Design Expert 2.4 is a free upgrade to version 2.3 and includes a lot of improvements. It is ready for the new ZWCAD+ 2014 and AutoCAD 2014 32 bit. The most important changes are as follows:

  • All calculation reports are ma­de to be MS Word friendly. All formatting is preserved after opening in MS Word;­
  • Beam Expert window can be extended to full screen for better view of the drawing;
  • Option for bars with different diameters in one section is added to Column Expert and PMM Expert;
  • Shear links with more complex shapes, up to 8 bends;
  • Different spacing for links in and outside the critical zone of shear walls;­
  • Redefining of link spacing does not remove the zones of condensation at spices;
  • Option for copying of sections in the list is added to Column Expert;
  • Import of cross section shape from ZWCAD+ and AutoCAD in Column Expert;
  • Some cases of en­tanglement of groups for bars was fixed in the Reinforcement Plug-in;
  • Steel elements objects are groped with their axes in the Steel Plug-in;
  • Labels of steel elements are updated when the cross section is changed.­

­The new version can be downloaded here