ZWCAD 2020 Mechanical


A CAD tool to make your design easier, faster and professional.  



ZWCAD Mechanical 2020

Based on the Latest Version of ZWCAD 2020, stable, efficient and compatible. Help you make great  designs.

Simple design for sophisticated outcomes

 - Standard-based Drafting & Part Library

 - Extended Drawing Tools for Manufacturing

 - Advanced Dimensioning

 - Associative Balloon and BOM

ZWCAD Architecture 2018

√ Professional content libraries & tools

√ STL, IFC & DAE formats (Architecture only)

√ PDF Underlay Manager

√ Data Extraction

√ Lisp Debugger

√ Cycle Selection

Top Reasons to Choose ZWCAD

1.       Reliable & International industrial solution

2.       100% DWG compatibility and ZERO re-learning cost

3.        Compatible APIs and easy to migrate

4.        Flexible workflow between desktop and mobile devices

5.       Non-expiring perpetual license with latest version upgrade

6.       Extra efficiency with micro innovations


What’s New in ZWCAD 2020

  • Data Extraction: Attributes and data of different objects can be extracted and exported to a table or a .csv or .xls file.
  • Annotation Scale List Reset: If the drawing includes too many scales, a prompt will pop out to remind users to reset scale list to its default state, so that the performance will not be degraded.
  • Lisp Debugger: Codes can be debugged and edited to enhance the accuracy of Lisp programs.
  • PDF Underlay Manager: PDF Underlays can be attached, detached, reloaded, unloaded, opened, etc. in PDF Underlay Manager.
  • Cycle Selection: A dialog box called Selection Set will pop out when users click the overlapped objects, so that users can easily and quickly select the one they want.
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