ZWCAD 2020 Architecture


A CAD tool to make your design easier, faster and professional.  



​ZWCAD Architecture 2020

Based on the Latest Version of ZWCAD 2020, stable, efficient and compatible. Help you make great  designs.

Amazing structure originated from simple design 

 - Seamless DWG Compatibility 

 - Draw in 2D, Create in 3D 

 - Parametrical Building Components

√ Professional content libraries & tools

√ STL, IFC & DAE formats (Architecture only)

√ PDF Underlay Manager

√ Data Extraction

√ Lisp Debugger

√ Cycle Selection

Top Reasons to Choose ZWCAD

1.       Reliable & International industrial solution

2.       100% DWG compatibility and ZERO re-learning cost

3.        Compatible APIs and easy to migrate

4.        Flexible workflow between desktop and mobile devices

5.       Non-expiring perpetual license with latest version upgrade

6.       Extra efficiency with micro innovations


What’s New in ZWCAD 2020

  • Data Extraction: Attributes and data of different objects can be extracted and exported to a table or a .csv or .xls file.
  • Annotation Scale List Reset: If the drawing includes too many scales, a prompt will pop out to remind users to reset scale list to its default state, so that the performance will not be degraded.
  • Lisp Debugger: Codes can be debugged and edited to enhance the accuracy of Lisp programs.
  • PDF Underlay Manager: PDF Underlays can be attached, detached, reloaded, unloaded, opened, etc. in PDF Underlay Manager.
  • Cycle Selection: A dialog box called Selection Set will pop out when users click the overlapped objects, so that users can easily and quickly select the one they want.
Attachment: Brochure_ZWCAD_Architecture_2019.pdf