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ZWCAD 2022: Launched for Faster and Friendlier Design


GUANGZHOU, CHINA: July 22, 2021 – Today, ZWSOFT, a reliable provider of All-in-One CAx solutions, introduced the faster and friendlier ZWCAD 2022, the latest version of its flagship CAD solution.


ZWCAD Keeps Becoming Faster and Faster

To back up the statement, “ZWCAD finds its new advantage to be faster and faster”, tremendous R&D work has been done to raise efficiency. As a result, in ZWCAD 2022, drawing opening and zooming are comparatively faster by 40%, panning and creating polylines by 80%, modifying by 60%, and plotting by 30%.

Moreover, advanced features were developed to meet the needs for quicker delivery of projects, even the complex ones. As easy as taking a photo, you could generate the 2D version of 3D objects from the current view instantly with Flatshot, sparing the time of drawing conversion.

Also, associative arrays allow you to swiftly array objects in rectangular or polar patterns, or along a path. To adjust them, simply drag the grips or edit in the newly-added contextual tab with previews of changes.


Persistent Advancement for Friendlier Experience

Apart from faster, ZWCAD 2022 is made friendlier. To begin with, licenses can be activated even when your computer is offline. Now, by scanning QR codes, you could directly activate and assess ZWCAD licenses.

Plus, you don’t need to choose between the Classic or Ribbon menu because they can be displayed at the same time now. Meanwhile, when there are multiple viewports, you could drag the edges of them to change their size. Similarly, new viewports can be created by dragging the edges which are close to the frame of the interface.

Figure 1. Coexisting Classic and Ribbon menus

At its core, ZWCAD is a platform CAD solution, which means that it should support various file formats. Now, mainstream .ifc files can be imported to this new version. To quickly check the details of the BIM model, you could simply click the parts in the model space or the structure tree of the IFC Structure Panel. Another bonus is that you could extract and export such model information using DATAEXTRACTION.

Thanks to your valuable feedback for the Beta version, ZWCAD 2022 is much stronger in efficiency, stability, and functionality. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!


ZWSOFT CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) is a reliable and innovative engineering software provider with its flagship products ZWCAD and ZW3D. Committed to providing complete and seamless user experience to worldwide users with its all-in-one CAx solutions, ZWSOFT has continuously satisfied the diverse needs of various industries such as AEC and MFG. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, its products and service have been proven by over 900,000 clients across 90 countries.