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ZWSOFT Announces Release of ZWCAD 2011


Guangzhou, China: Dec. 15, 2010 - ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd., a leading provider of CAD/CAM software, announces the release of ZWCAD 2011 with ZWSOFT Solution World 2010. Available in 15 different languages, ZWCAD 2011 gets even better as ZWSOFT introduces its latest innovations to its best selling CAD software.  

Parametric Drawing – Shift the Way You Design

ZWCAD 2011 offers you two types of parametric constraints (geometric and dimensional) that allow associative design and editing of objects, which will radically redefine the way you design in 2D by dramatically improving accuracy and reducing editing time  

More Drawing Tools – Boost Your Efficiency  

MLeader, Table, and Field work together perfectly. You can use MLeader to mark part numbers in drawings, and then use Table to list all of them. Finally, you can add Field to display drawing information so they will update automatically to show the latest information about the drawing.The new Solprof feature enables you to create profiles of 3D solids with an ease. Newly integrated into ZWCAD 2011 is PDF Plotter, which plots drawings to high quality PDF files containing layer information from the drawing - just like what you see in the original.  

Many More Improvements - Give You a Better User Experience  

Snap has gained a new enhancement (Magnet) to increase the efficiency for click and snap designing. Smart Selection Highlighting is now supported to highlight the object at which you are pointing. Dimension Break provides a much needed visual enhancement to your drawing views by removing sections of dimension lines where they intersect object lines. Refedit has been reconstructed to enhance both speed and accuracy of in-place reference editing. The speed of inserting raster images has also been markedly improved.   

Enhanced LISP and ZRX – Expand Your Design Ability  

Many new classes have been added to the ZRX interface, such as MFCs (Microsoft foundation classes), the load-on-demand functions, double-click protocol functions, and ZRX entrance messages.There make it easier for users to write more powerful applications, and to migrate their old ARX applications to ZWCAD in less time. With regard to LISP, a batch of new visual LISP functions, such as VLR-, VLAX- and VL-functions have been added.

 Experience ZWCAD 2011 and enjoy complete design freedom. Please download a free 30-day trial here